2011. október 7., péntek

7th Heaven Birthday Blogtrain

We have so many awesome things happening this weekend. A storewide sale, an amazing collab from all the 7th designers which you can get for free if you purchase $10 or more.

 Fun party games with **PRIZES** (and winners will be randomly ), a Blog/Facebook train, RAKs, Forum games..........etc! 
And here is my freebie for you:

If you have just seen this and want to collect all freebies from the train, here is a full list so you can start at the beginning:
1. 7th blog: Mystique Designs http://www.7thheavendesigns.com/blog/
2. SusanneDesigns - http://susanne-designs.blogspot.com/
3. Helen http://helens-art.blogspot.com
4. Tinci Designs http://tincidesigns.blogspot.com/  - YOU ARE HERE
5. Hekas http://scraphekas.blogspot.com
6. Novaczka http://novaczka.blogspot.com/
7. Lanar07 http://lanarochka.blogspot.com
8. WendyP Designs http://www.wendypdesigns.blogspot.com/
9. Yelina http://le-scrap-de-yelina.blogspot.com
10. Valentina's Creations - http://www.valentinascreations.com/blog
11. Rucola Designs http://rucoladesigns.blogspot.com
12. Celinoa http://les-scraps-de-celine.blogspot.com/
13. Lisete Designs http://lisetescrap.com/blog/
14. JR Studio13 http://jrstudio13.blogspot.com/
15. Final stop HERE!! 7th Facebook: mum2gnthttp://www.facebook.com/pages/7thhea...64370963573275

I wish you happy train!
Happy scrapping and hugs!

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  1. 7th Heaven has the best blog trains. Thank you for the gorgeous templates. Have a great weekend. I know I will shopping at 7th Heaven.

  2. Thanks for the great templates!