2015. november 5., csütörtök

New templates - 35 % storewide sale - freebie

Hello ladies!

I hope, you have a wonderful week!

DSD is starting at Scrap Orchard:

I have some new template pack , first time with shadow style!

Boo-tiful day 1.

These packs was October FWP kits and freebies.

35 % off for a limited time!

When you by Boo-tiful day 1. pack, you can get free Boo-tiful day 2. pack!

Inspiration layouts:

When you by My life in photobook 5. pack, you can get free My life in photobook 6. pack!

Inspiration layouts:

I have a freebie template for my newsletter readers:

And I have a freebie template on my Facebook fan page:

Join us at Scrap Orchard on November 7. :

Happy DSD and Happy scrapping! 

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